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The Increasing Demand for Natural Stone Countertops Provides Great Opportunities for a Sir Grout Franchise

The Increasing Demand for Natural Stone Countertops Provides Great Opportunities for a Sir Grout Franchise

According to a US forecast made by the Freedonia Group, the demand for countertops in the US will increase 4.2% annually to 810 million square feet in 2019. Among the preferred materials for countertops, laminates will maintain their leading position. However, natural stone countertops will increase 19.1%, reaching one-fifth of the market share (154,710,000 square feet). Due to the drop in granite prices, high-end homes and businesses will choose granite and other natural stones such as, marble. With numbers like that, investing in a hard surface restoration franchise seems very promising.

Picture of a kitchen with natural stone countertops
As a result of the market growth in natural stone countertops, propelled by a rebound in new building construction activity and an increase in the expenses to improve and repair existing structures, natural stone countertops will become more popular over the years, offering excellent opportunities in the hard surface industry. Hard surfaces will always need maintenance, cleaning, honing, and polishing to keep them looking shiny, clean, and smooth. Therefore, investing in a hard surface restoration franchise like Sir Grout seems like an outstanding opportunity.

Picture of a light kitchen with white countertops
Owning a Sir Grout franchise is like owning five franchises for the price of one since it specializes in tile and grout restoration, stone restoration, no sanding wood restoration, slip-resistant applications, and decorative concrete coating service. This means franchise owners will have multiple revenue streams.

What makes Sir Grout a great opportunity is that it follows construction trends. The demand for natural stone countertops will increase over the years, and Sir Grout has plenty of services to satisfy the needs of homeowners with natural stone countertops. Among the services that Sir Grout offers to keep countertops looking pristine are the following:

Picture of a kitchen with marble countertops
  1. Stone Countertop Sealing

  2. In regular homes, spills occur on a daily basis; this can cause lots of damage to natural stones. If the spill is from acidic substances like lemon juice, or if the homeowner cleans the countertops with acidic solutions, it will leave unattractive etch marks or stains. Sealed countertops provide a stronger barrier that will protect countertops against stains.

    Before and after picture of beige marble vanity top Before and after picture of black granite countertop badly scratched

    After laminates, the preferred materials for countertops are granite and marble. Sir Grout's granite honing and polishing services will restore granite countertops, vanity tops, and even floors to make them look like new.

    Before and after picture of brown emperor marble bathroom countertop Before and after picture of dull kitchen marble countertop restoration
  3. Stone Honing and Polishing

  4. For instance, marble has become one of the most popular choices for countertops. It offers elegance and style for homeowners who want an upscale look in their property. However, as any other natural stone, it requires proper maintenance. Its porous composition makes it prone to damages and in time it will etch, scratch, stain, and discolor. Sir Grout's advanced processes can restore marble countertops, vanity tops, and floors to their freshly installed condition.

    Before and after picture of a grey marble countertop restoration
    There are also other stone services offered by Sir Grout, such as stone cleaning and sealing, stone cleaning and color enhancement, slip-resistant applications, travertine honing and polishing, and slate cleaning and sealing.

  5. Stone Care Products

  6. Among Sir Grout's services, they offer stone care products. They know and care about stone surfaces more than anyone else and even dedicate 45 hours of their franchise training to stone surfaces. Sir Grout's specialists take the time to train their customers on how to care for their stone surface after performing a service, and this has been one of the secrets to their success.
As if their stone services weren't enough, Sir Grout also offers grout recoloring and sealing, tile and grout cleaning and sealing, caulking, wood services, maintenance, and one of their newest services ‐ decorative concrete coating.

Before and after picture of dull wood floor restoration Before and after picture of restoration of a tile shower plagued with mold and soap scum
Sir Grout offers plenty of services to cover the demands in the construction and hard surface restoration market. With enough services to satisfy the stone restoration needs, there is no doubt that owning a Sir Grout franchise is an excellent business opportunity. It not only offers five franchises for the price of one, which represents multiple revenue streams, but also provides intensive training, products to properly maintain stone surfaces, and a high ROI.

When you invest in a Sir Grout Franchise, you become part of a successful brand. Don't miss the opportunity to invest in a business with growing demand and increase your profit tenfold. Contact us by filling out the "Speak to Us About Franchising" form on this page.

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