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Sir Grout Franchises Reunite for Annual Meeting and Award Ceremony

Sir Grout Franchises Reunite for Annual Meeting and Award Ceremony

Each Sir Grout franchise is an important part of our nationwide Sir Grout family and, just like a typical family reunion, we all come together once a year in Estero Beach, Florida for our Annual Sir Grout Meeting and Award Ceremony. What could be better than reuniting in a beautiful place with a like-minded group of individuals to discuss our favorite topic?

Sir Grout is a company that takes the classic cliché, "If you're staying the same you're falling behind," to heart. Accordingly, we're always seeking new ways to excel, especially in the two most critical areas of our business: customer satisfaction and the quality of service we provide. Events like our Annual Meeting are a perfect chance for our franchises to improve in these areas, amongst others, by learning from their colleagues, which is why at this year's meeting we held discussions concerning a variety of hard surface care topics such as new products and methods.

In addition, this event is an ideal time to hold training sessions for all our franchises at the same time and in the same place. This year, the training sessions we offered showed our franchise members ways to improve their business operations and services, such as by taking advantage of the latest advances in technology.

At Sir Grout, we believe hard work should be recognized and rewarded so, as a result, the highlight of our Annual Meeting is our Award Ceremony. The purpose of this ceremony is to applaud those that have taken Sir Grout's core values to a new level. The awards presented this year were in the categories of: "Million Dollar Club," "Rookie of the Year," "Teamwork," "Above and Beyond," "Most Improved," "Grout Man of the Year," and "Renewal of the Year".

Along with congratulating the accomplishments of each individual franchise, we're also proud of the accomplishments of the company as a whole. Some of these include: growth in our number of franchise locations, the addition of an upgraded, more interactive website, our new line of Armor products, an increase in our rate of returning customers, and a higher rate of revenue referrals. While it feels good to reflect on these achievements, they're just a benchmark for us; we're setting our goals even higher for next year!

Sir Grout certainly takes its work seriously, but we also occasionally have to relax and have some fun. One of the best ways we found to do so while in the sunshine state was by playing a few rounds of golf and then joining together for dinner, which is shown in the picture on the right.

As usual, Sir Grout's Annual Meeting was a big hit. Everyone who came had a great time, got to fly home with a new wealth of hard surface wisdom, and, for some, with an impressive award.

Does an event like this sound like something you'd like to be a part of? Well, Sir Grout is always looking to expand its team by adding new franchises in an increased number of locations. Think you have what it takes to become a Sir Grout franchise owner? Feel free to reach out to us! In addition to being able to join us at next year's Annual Meeting, you'll get the satisfaction of being your own boss and will be provided with our guidance throughout every step of the process. Click here to learn more about what you have to gain by taking advantage of this amazing franchise opportunity. We already can't wait to see everyone in Florida again next year and hopefully we'll be seeing you there as well!