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The Importance of Digital Marketing to a Franchise

The Importance of Digital Marketing to a Franchise

Finding the right franchise, finding the financing for your franchise, and learning how to step into the role of "boss" are some of the challenges you must meet when you buy a franchise. There are other challenges as well. What about the marketing side of the business? Marketing your franchise is an important part of the business.

Digital Marketing is an Important Part of the Business
Many franchises run nationwide ads that can be beneficial to your local franchise, but you'll also need to run local campaigns to help target the potential customer base in your area. This is essential for success in today's digital market, but what does "digital marketing" mean and how do you know where to start?

According to RetailDive, the vast majority (87%) of shoppers begin product searches on digital channels. Clearly, an online presence is crucial in today's digital world. For a business to compete, it needs to have an online presence, but having a website is only the beginning. A website that isn't built properly, that lacks interesting and relevant content, or that doesn't meet the requirements set forth by Google is really no website at all. It will be overlooked by Google and rendered useless. That's why it's so important to have all the necessary digital marketing tools and technologies available that you'll need to maximize your presence online.

Digital Marketing is Key for Success in Today's Digital Market.
Digital marketing starts with a company website, but it must be SEO optimized. It should also incorporate responsive technology so it looks good on any device, not just a desktop or laptop computer. SEO (search engine optimization) is super important to the success of your website. It's what keeps your website from getting lost in Google and other search engines. There's also SEM (search engine marketing), which is entirely different but just as important as SEO. SEM includes PPC and other paid tactics designed to gain ranking in Google. Other components of effective digital marketing include email marketing, social media marketing, Google and Bing local maps, share buttons, chat, write a review technology, tracking technology, effective CRM and relevant SEO optimized content, such as blogs, etc.

As a franchise owner, you will need to understand how all of this works, contract a marketing agency that does, or the franchisor needs to already have a relationship with a reputable digital marketing company that provides cost effective solutions to provide all of this for you. The latter is the case with Sir Grout. Thus, the great news for Sir Grout franchise owners is that Sir Grout already has in place a very comprehensive, cost-effective, and very successful digital marketing solution.

An Important Component of Digital Marketing is SEO
Sir Grout has partnered with WebFindYou, an All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology that provides all the components to effectively and seamlessly implement True Digital Marketing with less hassle, reduced costs and increased revenues and that maximizes the local Sir Grout presence for each franchise owner. In addition, WebFindYou provides ongoing monthly website and digital marketing maintenance and management, allowing each Sir Grout franchise owner to focus on their business while WebFindYou takes care of everything digital for them.

All in One Digital Technology
Sir Grout has thought of everything. When you become a Sir Grout franchise owner, you are buying a franchise with brand recognition and a built-in customer base. You'll get advanced training that includes grout and tile, no sanding wood restoration, slip resistance applications, high durability coatings, and stone restoration. You'll also get business training that teaches you Sir Grout's proprietary sales methodology, how to use our software system, and how to implement all of the tools needed to operate your business. Your Sir Grout franchise also comes with online support around the clock and a call center that sets your appointments and sends email confirmations to follow up with the client's appointments. In addition, and as mentioned above, you'll get All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology and service from WebFindYou.

Our brand recognition, commitment to customers and franchise owners, superior trainning, products and methods, and extensive digital marketing make Sir Grout a great choice for anyone who wants a profitable franchise to build a solid future on. For more info "Speak to the Sir Grout Founders" who can get you started with a Sir Grout franchise today.

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