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Take Advantage of the Rising Home Building Business by Joining Sir Grout

Take Advantage of the Rising Home Building Business by Joining Sir Grout

So, you want to be your own boss, and you are looking for a new business opportunity. One of the first things you should do is check the market for well-known businesses that are easy to understand and that are always in demand, despite the economy. A great market to set your eyes on is the construction market. People will always need a new home, painting services, house maintenance, insulation, etc. According to the US Census Bureau*, home building is a rising industry. In March 2016, a total of 3,666,000 new residential constructions were completed or authorized. This means that thousands of square feet of hard surfaces will be needing restoration services.

Around 3 billion sq ft of ceramic tile will be installed throughout 2017
Furthermore, Floor Daily's Ceramic Tile Report** states that the tile market in North America is growing. The demand for ceramic tile is forecasted to rise approximately 5% to 6% per year through 2017, reaching around three billion square feet.

So, what makes this an excellent business opportunity? If 3,666,000 new homes were built, that means that soon there will be nearly 4 million homes that will need tile and grout maintenance services. We are talking about over three billion square feet of ceramic tiles that are in demand, not to mention the amount of houses that are already built and will also need maintenance and reparation services.

So now that we have selected the market, we need to choose a franchise. And why a franchise? When you buy a franchise, you purchase the know-how. So, it doesn't matter if you know nothing about the tile and hard surface restoration industry, since the franchise will give you all you need to know about that industry so you can succeed.

When you buy a franchise, you purchase the know-how
Now, all you have to do is narrow it down and pick a franchise that ‐ according to Warren Buffet ‐ has a desired product or service, has no substitute in the customer's eyes, their prices are not subject to regulation, and have a wide "economic moat" or strong competitive advantage. This will lead you to owning a Sir Grout franchise. So, what makes Sir Grout your best option?

Five Franchises for the Price of One

Imagine receiving revenue for five franchises while owning only one. Owning a Sir Grout franchise is like owning five franchises. We offer grout and tile restoration, stone restoration, slip-resistant applications, no sanding wood refinishing, and our newest innovation Microguard High Durability Coatings.

One of the Highest ROIs in the Home Services Industry

One of the most critical aspects when owning a franchise is the return on investment. The hard surface restoration industry is always a great option when considering ROI, since its service options are more profitable, with services costing upwards of $900. So, imagine what you can expect from the millions of square feet of ceramic tiles that are in demand in the local market you choose, plus the ones that already exist. Of course, you won't own the whole market, but by working hard and applying the principles and techniques learned from Sir Grout's training, you could own a good part of the local market share. Ok, you do the math, that number is way too big to lay it out here. Of course, you have to discount the expenses, but it's still a great option.

World Class Training and Support

Sir Grout's training is based on three components: grout and tile, sales & operations, and stone restoration. You'll also have online support, a learning support system available 24/7, and a business center that takes care of your phone calls and appointments and follows up on your web leads to increase your sales.

Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500 Winner

Sir Grout is the only company in the tile and grout or stone industry that has been selected for the Entrepreneur 2016 Franchise 500 List, and has been on the list for six years in a row. That is not easy to achieve since Entrepreneur Magazine measures qualities such as growth rate, financial strength, company inception, financial stability, startup costs, and others. Sir Grout has also earned the Angie's List Super Service Award and Dale Cardwell's TrustDale Certification and Make It Right Guarantee, which demonstrates the company's commitment to provide superior customer service.

So, if you think you are ready to be your own boss, consider investing in a Sir Grout franchise. At Sir Grout, we offer a tried-and-true business model that not only takes care of training and marketing, it sets you on the path to success from the start! Fill out the Speak to a Franchise Specialist form to learn more about the Sir Grout Franchise model and our unparalleled services, and take advantage of this wonderful franchise opportunity.

*U.S. Census Bureau News
**Floor Daily